Photographer Melissa Morris talks new photo shoot with Isabel Vinson and Brysten Bug: “Would you freaking believe these shots were taken on the side of the road?”

Photo Shoots – MCM Photography has been on one helluva role these past couple months and the work continues to get better and better. The Connecticut photographer teamed up with Vermont model Isabel Vinson and Connecticut model Brysten Bug to pull off a photo ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD!


After finding out about the photos I got in touch with Melissa Morris to get the inside scoop behind the shoot. Like always, Morris opened up like the sweetheart she is and explained.


“Well, I was originally heading to Vermont to shoot my Elements shoot for Sanctuary Magazine with Isabel and Anafia and Haley was joining me as me Earth element, but I wanted to get a few images of her standard for her debut as the newest Face of MCM. Would you freaking believe these shots were taken on the side of the road? While cars are rushing by? Unbelievable right??!! Epic, yes and the rest that are in the elements series where the gorgeous Isabel is Water and Anafia is Fire is again shot in a waterfall that is just mere steps from the road. Just steps. I just love going to Vermont, that place blows me away and so does the talent.”


Morris also spoke highly of the former face of the company Hayley Cartwright who wasn’t able to continue her position after enrolling in college in another state.


“Haley is super sweet and talented and a true gift to the MAN Family, she was voted in by a unanimous vote and already beloved and has quite a few shoots booked with us. We CANNOT wait to feature so much more with this stunning beauty.”


Another exciting thing about this story is Isabel Vinson’s growth in front page success in Internet Hollywood. The model has been published in Internet Hollywood over 50 times. MCM Photography is currently leading in front page stories among photographers in the north side of New England.



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