Photographer Oscar Plunkett collides with Sara Andrews in a lingerie photo shoot!

Photo Shoots – Oscar Plunkett is back on the front page of our news site after taking some wonderful pictures of Sara Andrews in a photo shoot they recently did. I found out about the photo shoot after seeing pictures from the shoot on my newsfeed when I was scrolling down my Facebook a few days ago. After seeing Sara doing her thing in the photos I reached out to her and Oscar Plunkett and told them I was interested in writing a story about it and it was all in from there.


Oscar gave me a little behind the scenes detail on how things came about with him, her, and Jeffrey Simpson who tagged along for the ride and also did some shooting as well. When I receive his photos I will share them in another story. Oscar also sent me a couple of pictures from the photo shoot so I attached them to the bottom of the story for you to check out. They look great and Sara looks incredible.


That’s not the only thing that’s been heating up in Massachusetts. Sara Andrews has also started a rap career and has been releasing clips of her rap songs on Snapchat. She goes by the name Preach Sara. You could follow all three of their pages by clicking the links highlighted next to there name below!



~*~*Credits & Links*~*~

Sara Andrews: Instagram (modeling) – Instagram (hair)

Oscar Plunkett: Facebook

Jeffrey Allen: No Link

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