Photographer Raven Macabre Speaks On His Editing Skills, Says He Never Read A Tutorial

raven mac 1Raven Macabre is quickly becoming one of the biggest photographers to ever step foot in Internet Hollywood. His level of influence is so big that it’s almost impossible to find a ProjectXPlatinum model in the Northeast that doesn’t know who he is. A huge amount of images featured in articles on Haylan Victoria, Isabel Vinson and Viola Verity were done by none other than Raven Macabre. The naturally gifted phenomenon didn’t mind sharing his side of the story after fixing himself some coffee to kick off his day:

“Truth be told I’ve never read a single tutorial in my life,” he said. “I’ve skimmed them only to go “hey I do that” or to find out how certain photographers are editing their photos (you would really be surprised how many people are clones of high end photo retouching dvd 101). Since I do so many different things I tend to think “influence” rather than a set style. Be it thinking of Olivia De Berardinis as I edit, or Herge, or David Goldner or Chris Achiellios, Vallejo, whoever. I am, like most artists, the sum total of all I was exposed too.”

Without holding our tongue, it was only right that we ask Raven how did his learning experience start in the beginning stages of his career.

“Well Justin I’m just that good haha. Really. Oh you wanted more details? Ok welll…. Ever since I could hold a crayon I’ve been interested in art. I was constantly drawing, dreaming, and thinking of things far beyond my peers. Almost for as long as I’ve been interested in art, I’ve been interested in women, the two just go hand in hand. True Story : I saw my first nude model before I had even kissed a girl. So to make a long story short, as I tend to be overly wordy, I spent the majority of my life invested in traditional 2d styles and techniques (I once wanted to be a comic book artist akin to Todd Mcfarlane), but once I picked up a computer I knew digital design was my forte and when I picked up a camera? I knew I was home. I’m entirely self taught on everything, no school, no classes. It also helps I’m a nerd too and have no problem sitting in front of a computer for 16 hours of the day.”

Internet Hollywood Reporter: What’s your advice for upcomers that want to do it? How do they start?


Raw technical Details for the nerds: Nikon cameras (not even mid level flagship models, sigh), lightroom, photoshop, alien bees lighting (all banged to hell n back). I have many many other tools to use as a graphic designer but those are the main ones for photography. Advice I can give to newbies? Be anything other than me haha. No seriously, be motivated, be into business, be one hell of a networker. I’m not any of those things so I’ve had to slowly carve out a niche for myself through word of mouth and fyi being famous (or infamous as the case may be) doesn’t exactly pay the bills. I can shoot circles around many many published and self funded shooters, but since I’m a manic depressive and live in a box I don’t really bother. So if that’s the one serious bit of advice I can give its that. Learn to network. Ask a photogenic friend of yours to be your model and go from there. The more you build the more will come. Don’t be a creep, don’t be a perv, just be genuine.


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