Photographer Raven Macabre Takes Over Internet Hollywood’s Front Page, Award Nomination Chances Increase

ravenPrince Vega – Photographer Raven Macabre is the face that’s making this place gravitate around dozens of Internet Hollywood models in the northeast and it has remained that way for two years now. He has continued to share his creativity and has offered his services at a very short rate for years with no less than perfect results. It is reasons like that that he is arguably one of the best photographer’s to ever get published in Internet Hollywood and it doesn’t stop there.


The photographer from Massachusetts was rewarded with a banner on Internet Hollywood’s front page that will remain there until March 2017. Macabre has been published in Internet Hollywood 6 times and has been credited in over 30 articles. He is currently the second most published photographer in Internet Hollywood in headlining stories and #1 in credited stories.


So where does all this takes us in the future? Although competition will be stiff in February, Macabre will be one of the strongest competitors that we predict will make history in Arlene Diaries.

What Is Arlene Diaries?

Starting next year Internet Hollywood will begin Arlene Diaries from January 18 to February 14. Arlene Diaries is considered Internet Hollywood’s history book. During that time of the year Internet Hollywood rewards all their most published celebrities and store their achievements in Internet Hollywood’s history book forever. Internet Hollywood’s most published celebrities will be nominated January 17-24 and the ending results will be revealed on February 13 & 14. A model must have at-least 8-10 published stories within a year period to be considered for a nomination in any of the categories.


There is a strong 70% chance Raven Macabre will be nominated for Arlene Diaries. If he gets nominated he will be one of the first photographer’s to ever be nominated in Internet Hollywood’s history.


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