Photographer Ray As collaborates with New Hampshire Model Jess Lynn in steamy new photo shoot

Photo Shoots – New Hampshire model Jess Lynn is back in action and Ray As is giving us a piece of that in their latest photo shoot for The Heat From The Streets Magazine. The photographer recently teamed up with the model who dressed to support the magazine in a light blue shirt and some very hot booty shorts. Ray As captured Lynn from some very nice angles and shared a few of them on his social media page. The model did the same.


I first heard about the shoot when Lynn sent me photos of it over Facebook. She was very excited to share and I was very delighted to see. She was absent from modeling for a while and I was eager to see how much she has improved since returning. I wasn’t disappointed at all. Her body is still amazing and she is strutting her poses like better than she did before. Thankfully Ray As was there to capture it all on his camera!


Although this story marks Ray As first publication in Internet Hollywood, he is known by a lot of talent that’s been published on Internet Hollywood and has collaborated with many of them. I have been following his work for about a year and a half now.


Lynn roots in Internet Hollywood stretches very deep and people will learn more about that in the future. She has been published in Internet Hollywood five times since her debut in September 2016. This is her third publication in Internet Hollywood this year. She is also an active listener on Internet Hollywood radio. You could check out the other photo on her Facebook page below!



Jess Lynn: Facebook

The Heat From The Streets Magazine.

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