Photographer Raymix-1000 collabs with Sarah-Frankie Carter in a new photoshoot: “she seemed really cool and I asked her if she wanted to shoot”

Photo Shoots – Massachusetts photographer Raymix-1000 is back to letting the magic happen with his camera and this time he is sharing that gift with talented independent model Sarah-Frankie Carter. I recently found out about the photo shoot when Raymix-1000 told me during our conversation on messenger when I asked what was one of the latest things he had going on. After receiving the pictures I asked him to give me a little background story on the photo shoot to share and this what he said.


“In terms of Sarah we had met a year ago but never really got to work together; she seemed really cool and I asked her if she wanted to shoot and she was down for it. She told me had access to a lot of accessories like crowns and rapiers and I was totally digging that vibe. So after weeks of planning we finally get together and we came out with what you see here. I have some already uploaded to my Facebook and I wanted to give a major shoutout to Loschy Designs for that top-tier quality on her crown.”


It’s been a while since I wrote about Raymix-1000 but I knew it would be a matter of time before I do since I was focusing a lot more on photo shoots. He has a lot of great work on his Instagram that you could check out by clicking the highlighted link next to his name below. He has worked with a lot of beautiful faces that I have been interested in writing about. He also attended Internet Hollywood’s very first party that happened in Worcester, Massachusetts in April of last year!




Schon-Ray: Instagram

Sarah-Frankie Carter: Instagram

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