Photographer Raymix-1000 opens up about his fascinating photo shoot with model Lea Marie Morris


Photo Shoot – Lea Marie Morris is flourishing in our realm of journalism for her incredible work that has caught my eye for the very first time thanks to Raymix-1000. The Massachusetts photographer sent the photos from the shoot during our conversation about his latest work. I’ve been following his work for some years and still haven’t took the time to shine some light on Raymix-1000’s amazing talent. This photo shoot really struck me to the point I couldn’t wait any longer. I just needed to share this with you all.


I did a little digging on the shoot to find a little details that may give you an idea of what was going on behind the shadows of the photo shoot. Raymix-1000’s told me that the photo shoot was 2-3 hours and Morris was a very fun person to work with. He described their personalities as being “weird” and said he first worked with the model when Isabel Vinson was hosting.


“Lea is a very down to earth person,” he said. “The first time I worked with her was when Isabel was hosting one of her beautifully orchestrated group shoots. She’s also weird, which is great because I’m weird. Usually it’s the photographer that gives direction to the model, but not only did she know what she wanted but she was telling my camera this is the picture you take. She’s very fun and full of energy and I cannot recommend her enough to any future photographer. I hope I didn’t let her down.”

Raymix-1000 isn’t the only person who shared his experience with us. Morris also tipped us on how things went with the photo shoot in a very short message.


“Haha it is a blast! Schon-Ray (Raymix-1000) gets so excited during shoots and will literally ROLL on the ground when the shot looks great on the back of the camera. So much fun.”


Seeing Lea Marie Morris in these photos makes me dig into the thought of checking out some more of her work. She’s incredibly beautiful and looks wonderful in both of the dresses she wore during this shoot. Raymix-1000 did an amazing job keeping his eye focused on what matters the most. The beauty of art is created by the imagination . Raymix-1000  just turned another one of his imagination into a reality!


I look forward to writing more about both of these awesome people!



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Schon-Ray: Instagram

Lea Marie Morris: Instagram – Facebook

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