Photographer Raymix-1000 Prepares To Appear At The Internet Hollywood Party In Worcester, MA

Upcoming – Dozens of names have been confirmed for our first party of the year in Worcester, Massachusetts on April 22nd. We have seen a huge increase in attendees from individuals who profession is related to modeling, makeup, music and photography. We have been revealing the names of the attendees one by one since the beginning of this month. This week we will be revealing 70% of the attendees through Internet Hollywood.


One of the amazing people that will be attending the event is an amazing photographer that goes by the name SRJ Images. SRJ Images a.k.a Raymix-1000 has confirmed with us earlier this month that he would be attending the Internet Hollywood party and has kept that name through comments we have been seeing him commenting on. Like us all, he is very excited and may be a little nervous to see everyone at the event.


Raymix-1000 is a familiar name in Internet Hollywood that has made front page news in Internet Hollywood four times. He knows a great deal of Internet Hollywood models in New England and has worked with dozens of them. SRJ Images career is becoming a “must watch” for Internet Hollywood reporters. You will see dozens of news stories written about this incredibly talented photographer in the future.


The first Internet Hollywood party will be held at The Raven Club in Worcester, Massachusetts at 9:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m. on April 22nd.  Tickets will no longer be on sale after April 21st. (Click Here To Get Your Ticket)


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