Photographer Schon-Ray M. Joseph Schools Beginners — When Not To Work With A Model

schonAlthough filming hot babes may be fun, many photographers have ended up in terrible situations that have destroyed their ability to work with others. It’s known to many that communication failure between both parties can lead to a pretty disgusting battle over the internet. The last thing a photographer wants is a record that follows someones negative opinion, trust me. We’ve all probably been the center of negative attention at some point in our life growing up. How do we prevent it? Internet Hollywood got some simple, but effective words of advice from an amazing photographer by the name of Schon-Ray Joseph. He goes on to tell our reporters what draws the line for him when it comes to calling off a shoot with a model.

“It’s all about being considerate,” he said. “It isn’t just simply about taking a picture. It’s making art, and as someone who really enjoys making art, if someone tells me the lighting is fine or that I’m wasting time, it’s rude. I’d rather have 10 good pictures than 200 bad ones. As a photographer I want to make sure everyone has a good time. If the model has previously bad experience with other photographers and makeup artists and wardrobe designers being rude to them, that’s a clear sign not to work with them.”

Schon-Ray Joseph is known to dozens of Internet Hollywood celebrities in the Northeastern side of the United States. He has worked with dozens of ProjectXPlatinum superstars like Jill Forrestall, Haylan Victoria, Isabel Vinson, Kiti Gun, Amie Emmons, Viola Verity and more.  Check out Schon-Ray’s Facebook fan page below!

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