Photographer Trisha May talks about her dream photo shoot with model Caelyn Calhoun

Photo Shoots – Just a little over a year ago, Connecticut Photographer Trisha May managed to successfully do what many photographers aim to do whenever they begin their journey behind a camera. The independent photographer teamed up with a beautiful model named Caelyn Calhoun and did something really special, her dream shoot. And this photoshoot was a mermaid one.


I was really surprised I haven’t come across this photo shoot before. But I don’t believe I was connected to Trisha May through any of my social networking outlets around that time. But as soon as I came across the photo I got in touch with her and Caelyn over Instagram and told them I was interested in writing about their photo shoot and they gave me the green light.


That wasn’t all I was given though. Trisha May gave me the inside scoop on her experience photo shoot with Caelyn and how it came about.


“So it had been a dream of mine for a while to do a mermaid photoshoot and last summer I finally got to make it happen!! I got in touch with Caelyns (the model) mom (Jessica) via Facebook when I posted in a local FB group that I was looking for people with swimmable mermaid tails. All of us set a date, and my mua Sara Thompson was also on board and super excited for the new expiriance. We all met up at Lighthouse point park in New haven , which to date is one of the most stunning places ive ever shot at! Working with Caelyn and her mom (along with her adorable siblings that tagged along) was so much fun! It was a perfect overcast day, so lighting was perfect. Caelyns mom was a trooper carring her around from spot to spot once we got her tail on her. One funny thing that happened, a bunch of kids who were looking kept yelling that there was a real mermaid in the water! Of course we played along. Overall it was just a fantastic day, Sara did an epic job on the makeup and Caelyn is such a sweet girl and was a pleasure to work with?”
I also spoke with Caelyn and here’s what she said:
“It was a dreamy shoot. Trisha is magical to work with…very gifted and a visionary. My favorite memory from the shoot is watching all of the onlooking children who were also at the park, who thought that we were helping a real mermaid.
Trisha May said the photo shoot and makeup lasted about 5 hours and that it was an all afternoon event. Sarah Thompson did such an amazing job on Caelyn’s makeup. Check out the pictures below!
Trisha May: Instagram
Jessica Calhoun: Instagram
Sarah Thompson Makeup: Instagram –  Website

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