Photographer William Joseph Chosen To Take Over Internet Hollywood’s Fourth Magazine Issue

william 4Photographer William Joseph has been chosen again to take over Internet Hollywood’s fourth magazine issue in April. The photographer will have the choice to choose whatever model he wants to be on the front cover of Internet Hollywood magazine. This will be William’s second magazine take over within 5 months! William was recently named the #1 biggest male headliner in Internet Hollywood after the thirteenth floor private committee voted for him after reviewing all his front page news stories. His level of impact in our universe is so high that he is predicted to stay #1 for the next 2-3 months! His last magazine take over included an adorable ProjectXPlatinum model by the name of Carrie Madeline. Carrie is currently one of the biggest female headliners in our universe as-well. The last billboard update shows the New Jersey native debuted at #10 on July 5th in the year 2014. She was also the first model selected to be an actress on an independent film that is now postponed due to Prince Vega’s busy schedule. William’s dedication to what he believes in is the reason why he’s becoming so successful in Internet Hollywood. The photographer went to even greater heights and helped dozens of models get noticed by Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega after tagging them in his Facebook status. William Joseph is on a path that will make him an Internet Hollywood icon quicker than any other celebrity that debuted starting in July of last year! Congratulations to the amazing photographer for giving us amazing things to report on. He is truly unlike any other photographer!


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