Photographer William Joseph Is Currently Internet Hollywood’s Strongest #1 Male Headliner

will edit 1Photographer William Joseph is approaching a stage that has never been reached by any male celebrity in Internet Hollywood. His powerful presence is a lesson many could learn from when finding a way to make it #1 on the billboard charts. William’s gift comes with staying true to himself no matter who has a problem with it. All models should want a photo shoot with this incredible hardworking man. The thrill that comes with being a model that collaborates with a photographer that actually cares creates the best images for the world to see. Within months William has found his way into front page headlines over 15 times by himself! The amount of work he puts in his so overwhelming that each article that comes out on him is done in a timely manner. William is the only celebrity in our universe besides Isabel Vinson that can greatly influence the front cover of any Internet Hollywood magazine a month before it’s released. He was introduced to the Internet Hollywood world after ProjectXPlatinum superstar Carrie Madeline referred him to the powerful universe after directly contacting Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega. Ever since Will’s debut he has been dominating the competition in every possible way. He will also be choosing the next model that will take the front cover of Internet Hollywood’s April issue.


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