Photographer William Joseph Goes Green, Prepares To Take Over Internet Holywood Front Page

GREEN FACE EDITPhotographer William Joseph is close enough to earn a spot on Internet Hollywood’s front page. The photographer is now opening up a hole that will lead him into a path with miracles are born. The news come as no surprise after headlines continued to spread the light on the upcoming New Jersey photographer. William is now reaching a greater stage as the positive wave continues to flow throughout his career in our universe. The perfect storm is only waiting as William sails his way into the greatest challenge that lies ahead. If William could work his way through that challenge that holds him back from inside a new star will arrive at a level that will make him unstoppable. Realizing what’s inside is the biggest discovery mankind has to offer on a metaphysical subconscious level. The signs we find when time is at our toes gives us the world to hold when we feel there is nobody there to help us. William is well aware of the challenges that come with being a photographer and we are willing to bet he is more than ready! The Internet Hollywood celebrity is definitely not worried with the green face he recently shared coming from a photo shoot. A little over a week ago the photographer updated a facebook status with his face painted up in black & green as if he woke up as the incredible hulk!

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