Photographer William Joseph Keeps It Real With Internet Hollywood About Cthree’s Diss To S.O.S

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William Joseph is one of the very few photographers growing across our universe with a unique way of capturing photos of beautiful models before uploading it. We’ve witnessed more than we can possibly imagine through William’s magnificent work, and we will always support him during his journey. The Internet Hollywood celeb is stepping his foot in another realm outside of where his profession is to discuss something far more different. We caught up with the photographer to get his thoughts on what was taking place through the popular Hip Hop side of our site. William easily brushed off what many would normally say and dropped a huge amount of knowledge for us to hold on to.

“I haven’t listened to anyone’s work,” he said. “It isn’t my medium in particular, so no offense to anyone but most rap is not for me. It just doesn’t do anything for me musically. It just doesn’t connect to my soul, however with that being said and translating it into what if it was my own medium; I would have to say that quality over quantity is an absolute must. It is something that I struggle with with my own work time and time again. I’m beginning to limit the amount of quantity that I put out there of my work so in return I downsize to quality material. It’s why I haven’t added anything new into my portfolio (minus my Facebook page) since April. Granted there are a few photos I would add, but I am very hard on my work. Why give the world less then 110% of what you can achieve? Would you rather put out 10 Albums with half-assed work, or would you rather have a small amount of Platinum selling Albums loaded with pure genius? Quality over quantity any day.”

William also continued to provide some very useful advice for everyone to soak in if they are willing to get their fingers wet on some new tips;

“If someone does not like my work, I am entirely open to constructive criticism. I am not the best at what I do, in fact I am far from it. I am very hard on myself and my work and I am always trying to push myself and grow, learn new things, acquire new tastes, get better. When you get to the point where you think you’re good enough and don’t listen to anyone, or don’t think you can get any better, then you need to get out of whatever business you’re doing because you can always grow and become better. Perfection doesn’t exist. So if someone is willing to give an opinion on my work, I will take it into account, but don’t think for a single second that it will be taken to heart. To each their own, and each of our journey’s are our own. We must find our own path’s, but if someone is always willing to point something out or give some sort of criticism that we can take and grow with, then I am entirely open to that every single time and that’s how I wish most industries worked.”

William is currently the biggest headlining photographer in our universe. The celebrity continues to actively engage into our universe with his view points and latest news updates. We recently got word on a brand new photo shoot William participated with-with the amazing model/actress Carrie Madeline.  We look forward to updating you all on his latest shoots and news that follow behind.

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