Photographer William Joseph Planning Something Big For Christmas Shoot With Model Carrie Madeline?

will newwwwwIt isn’t hard to tell things have been awkwardly silent with one of Internet Hollywood’s biggest headliners. William Joseph is one of the very few stars in our universe that is becoming unstoppable when it comes to breaking major headlines with exclusive stories. The photographer has already broke headlines with over ten front page stories within three months! Our second floor private committee embraces William’s amazing effort to sustain the momentum that has driven him into the top ranks on our billboard charts. He remains arguably one of the most passionate celebrities with a talent only a few will master in this lifetime. Keeping William’s previous work  in mind creates a sign that gives us a hint to what’s in store for his next big modeling shoot with model Carrie Madeline. A close source to Internet Hollywood tipped us off with some strong information that gives our journalist an idea on what the shoot will possibly be like. We would reveal that information but sadly it may take the fun out of imagining what’s next to come. I also believe it may even be harder to swallow if the information we received turns out to be wrong, haha. The delay that follows the latest on the shoot creates the best out of wondering what kind of tricks is up William’s sleeve. Internet Hollywood superstar Carrie Madeline is a known public figure that has reached an area many models struggle to in the alternative world. The combination that makes the team work between Carrie and William so amazing will be available to the world when Internet Hollywood’s first issue comes out on Christmas!

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