Photographer William Joseph Ranked The #1 Biggest Male Headliner In Internet Hollywood

WILL EDIT 2William Joseph is now ranked the #1 biggest male headliner in Internet Hollywood for his amazing work. William has made a name for himself by dominating the alternative universe as a photographer that truly believes in his work. He is the first photographer in our universe to team up with a ProjectXPlatinum model to take over Internet Hollywood’s first magazine cover that was released on Christmas.  The incredible effort William puts into his work continues to make his relevancy in Internet Hollywood stronger and brighter than ever before. Rapper Cthree is slowly losing his grip as the intense battle carries on in the top ten billboard charts for the year 2015. The California rapper is currently ranked #2 in Internet Hollywood after holding onto the top spot for nearly four entire months. The only male celebrity that has come close to taking his position in the past were Connecticut rapper Late Nite Snacks and rap group S.O.S! Congratulations to the amazing photographer William Joseph for being the first to succeed!


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