Photographer William Joseph Shows Off His Magical Touch With Model Katya Zywiec

katya edit 1Photographer William Joseph is again showing off an amazing piece of art he created with another model in his latest photo shoot. The Internet Hollywood celebrity is setting free his skills and it couldn’t of been anymore impressive. The editing brings the perfection of the adorable blue eyed Katya after she expressed herself professionally in one of the best ways possible. The timing of each shot captured a moment that proves William Joseph is more than ready to reach the next level in photography. The growing celebrity is known throughout our universe for being one of the most popular headliners in Internet Hollywood after only two months! William’s new shoot is only an inch of the connecting cord that plugs in the overall work William has put together in a short amount of time. The stories of this artistic star are far from over, and as the award show approaches, many could only wonder how it will play out in William’s favor. The work that shows William’s determination in being the best he can be will change the outcome of our universe in the long run.  The billboards will soon record William’s strong effort for the world to see outside of their screens while reading Internet Hollywood. He continues to share his amazing work with the world through our headlines and we adore every shoot he participates in dearly. William has already headlined twice within the pass 3 days in Internet Hollywood!

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joseph 1

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