Photographer William Joseph Teams Up With Carrie Madeline To Create Stunning Pictures For Christmas Issue

WILL EDIT 2William Joseph is throwing on the big gloves to hit our first Internet Hollywood issue right out the park with his shoot with Carrie Madeline. We have finally received all of the photos from the shoot, and they are AMAZING! As much as we would like to show them, we are sorry to say that we are not going to be releasing any of the photos from the shoot until December! Carrie Madeline and William Joseph are known for combining their talent to create breathtaking images that show off their amazing gifts. The incredible twist that these two celebrities create when collaborating on projects gives us a lot to hold onto whenever William releases steamy photos of Carrie. His work is admired by all members of our committee, and for that reason he’s currently ranked as the 4th biggest male headliner in Internet Hollywood. Model Carrie Madeline is also a growing superstar in our universe. The ProjectXPlatinum celebrity debuted on the billboard charts as the #10 most popular model in Internet Hollywood back in July. Many would argue that both of the celebrities are among the small group of favorites chosen by our private floor committee. If any conspiracy like that actually did exist, I can assure you that there is no evidence to support the claim. William Joseph will also be inside of the magazine that is expected to be coming out sometime before Christmas!

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