Photos Will Be Taken For The Internet Hollywood Magazine At The IH Fashion Show on July 1st!

IH PARTY – The Internet Hollywood Party is only a day away and more news have been breaking through our universe at a rapid rate and it isn’t about to slow down anytime soon. Earlier this week, we have confirmed that the Internet Hollywood Magazine will be coming out weeks after the party and a lot of the submitted photos from the party will be published inside of the magazine. We also have a few voluntary photographers that are happy to take photos strictly for the magazine on the night of the party. So if you going to come to the party, dress to impress!


Talks of the party have been growing for a few months now and it’s pretty obvious it has become bigger than expected among talented people in the New England area. So many people have been contacting me about this party and many people have been planning on making special appearances on the night of the event. So far we have confirmed appearances from upcoming designers, makeup artists, hairstylist, musicians, artist, photographers, event organizers, business owners, and more. Since last year, our events have proven to be very powerful when it comes to networking. It’s also a place where old friends and new get together to hang out and serves as a place where new friendships are born.


The event will also include a DJ, live performances, dance floor, food, a bar, and much more. Tickets are currently priced at $30 and will no longer be available online after today (Saturday). The remaining tickets will have to be purchased at the door at the Naticks Elks Lodge in Natick, Massachusetts. Tickets at the door will be priced at $45-$50. You could get your tickets by clicking the link below!




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