Playboy Model Eden Levine Speaks To Internet Hollywood About Scams In The Modeling Industry

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Many would assume things are not possible when the thought of running into a scam comes into play until it happens. The majority of females growing in the modeling industry deals with this problem on an extreme level. Many seam to fall victim to the pressure when involving themselves in situations they feel they don’t mentally have control over. Along those lines we begin to find less motivated females with the potential to be superstars but their faith in it has completely soured away because of those experiences. We also find very popular models that uses sex as an advantage to gain an enormous amount of success at a short amount of time. The reality of super stardom is as harsh as it is beautiful. Who do we blame? Internet Hollywood caught up with the absolutely adorable Playboy Model Eden Levine to get her thoughts and advice on scams lurking around the business and how upcoming models can avoid them.

“As models we have to go through this,” she said. “I’ve gotten many offers and opportunities in the past but it always seems like they all have hidden agendas. In the end, many just want you for one thing and if you don’t comply, there goes all the talk and opportunities you thought you would get. I want to make it to the top with my hard work and efforts, not sleep my way to the top. I am an independent female who likes to provide for herself. I take initiative and I am extremely motivated. I have goals and dreams and I want to have a life for myself without relying on anyone or be dependent on anyone. Its good to have a support system, but you should never rely solely on that. If for any reason that support system is gone, you are left with no one and nothing to your name.”

Eden also gave her advice to models that is afraid of being caught in situations involving scams that could hurt them physically & mentally.

“Be your own person and in the end people will love you and appreciate you even more because you are not needy and dependent. From my experience, man respect an independent woman far more than one who isn’t. And of course, you also have those that are intimated by you and try to put you down. Those people are obviously not on the same level as you mentally and just in life in general and is best to just distance yourself from them. So to answer your question, I escape from being caught up in a situation like that by being smart enough to know that not everything is free in this world. If an offer sounds too good to be true, you better do your research and keep one eye open.”

Eden is one of the latest models to enter our growing universe and words can’t deny that she is absolutely stunning. Her gorgeous face takes space in our hearts that will beat for her presence every second. The published Glamour, Swimwear, Bikini, and Fitness model continues to keep herself fit for the amazing photos captured through the lens of a photographers camera. Her beauty aligns with the stars and is far brighter than many would expect from a fan point of view. Her following continues to grow and so does her influence in Internet Hollywood. Eden is the latest member apart of the freelance modeling organization ProjectXPlatinum. The powerful modeling movement currently has over 3o0 members!




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