Please Donate: Photographer Melissa and her husband needs $750 before Sunday or they can’t have their vow renewal

Miracle Donation – Melissa of MCM Photography will not be able to have her vow renewal this Sunday unless she makes her final payment of $750. At first she needed $1800 but we were told a generous angel donation was received to alleviate some of the costs, by an anonymous source, so all that’s left is to raise is $750. We are raising money because the credit card she was going to use was stolen and its going to take about 30 days to fully investigate and reverse the damage that has been done. They now have no money to fulfill their special and day unless we do something.


It will mean the world to us if you could contribute by donating anything that could help this beautiful couple have their wedding renewal this Sunday. She is also selling two of her Nikon lenses for $400 to help contribute to the funds that’s needed.  She and her husband has been really upset with little hope in having their special day on Sunday. We will be doing these wonderful people a favor by showing them that we care.


Here is Melissa’s post from her Gofundme page:


“I have literally had to ask for help only ONCE before and this time I am in absolute dire straits, I have THREE days to make the final payment for my vow renewal and the credit card that was going to be used was stolen and will take 30 days to fully investigate and reverse the damages. Jeremy and i had set this up a few days ago. We are about 1600 short to pay by Sunday, so any donation, large, small or whatever to help us would be appreciated. I also have TWO Nikon lenses for sale $400 takes both of them. Please, I have spent two hours in tears and trying to find my miracle.”

Please picture yourself in their shoes and imagine seeing your special day with your significant other slipping before your eyes. This beautiful couple needs a miracle. Lets try to make her dream wedding become a reality.


My experiences with Melissa has been wonderful since the day that I met her. She is the reason I’m able to access a computer to write these stories about other beautiful people. When I didn’t have a computer she gave me hers as a gift so I could continue writing stories and that’s what I’ve doing ever since. She’s a very special person to me and I really want to help her, but I need your help. Please donate what you can. We will truly appreciate it.




(This story was edited on 5/18/17 to update you)

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