Poems: Hayley Grant shares a bone-chilling poem titled ‘Someone Special’

Poetry & Art – Hayley Grant sent me a pretty chilling poem on FB messenger to publish on Internet Hollywood and I’m glad I finally have time to do that. The poem is titled ‘Someone Special’ and it is Hayley’s first poem that received a publication on Internet Hollywood. Enjoy the poem!


Someone Special!

You are constantly in my life

You’ve left me again

Just trying to understand
You love me, It’s a secret
just want to understand
Why won’t you let me understand?

You don’t understand yourself.

Loving me, constantly hurting me  

Always making me feel as if I’m a goddess

Constantly here then gone.

Loving me then leaving me

You sit in silent with me

Ignoring my existence.

You’ve said you don’t want to go

You are gone once again.
Secretly you’re watching

Making sure I’m happy
Why’d you leave me?

I’m so lonely

Come back
It’ll all be okay

He whispered moments ago

Come here, kiss me.

Hug me tight

Call me Beautiful

Wanting to feel welcome

In your life again.

Be a Good Girl.
You’ve promised.

Be a Good Boy.

You’ve Promised.


Your Little Angel.

Hayley Jean Proctor



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