Pop Singer Carolina Endorses Donald Trump: “America Needs Something New And Different”

carolina-images-new-2Prince Vega – It’s been a while since we heard from our gorgeous little pop singer Carolina. Ever since she moved out of Connecticut and went to Florida things became real silent with the talented celebrity. Now that silence is finally broken and Carolina has a lot to say about the election.


Many people who have followed Carolina in the past knows she doesn’t hold back her views that many would consider controversial. There have been times she has caught the attention of many people on her social media pages for speaking strongly on topics many considered sensitive. One of those times could very well be now.


After asking the talented Internet Hollywood singer her views on the election, she spoke highly of presidential candidate Donald Trump and urged that changes be made in this country.


“Well, when i first heard trump was running I thought it was hilarious,” she joked. But then he started to really do good. I was surprised. He was no politician. And America needs something new and different. That’s what this nation is about. We’re all different. We are a melting pot of races and ideas and EVERYONE is different. Hillary is a politician and most of them are crooked. Trump only spoke the truth. The truth that isn’t “politically correct”. Fu** THAT SHIZ…Politically correctness… He is an amazing businessman and he will get our money back to this country. He’s brutally honest, intelligent, and knows how to run shit. Go TRUMP NATION.”

Carolina is not just anybody giving a response to questions asked by Internet Hollywood reporters. She is also a public figure that has made front page news on Internet Hollywood five times.

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