Porcelain Dalya frees herself in her photo shoot with Seas Mtns Co. and Creative Contour by Carla

Photo Shoots – Independent Massachusetts makeup artist Carla Balzano has been putting her magic to work this year and I was able to receive photos from a photo shoot with Porcelain Dalya and photographer Seas Mtns Co. Makeup artist Carla Balzano sent me a couple of photos from the shoot through FB messenger and filled me in on all of the information I needed to write up a small story about the cool collaboration.


Carla opened up about the idea of the photo shoot and how organizing everything together came about during our conversation for the story. Here’s what she said:


“So the idea for the shoot came about one day–probably in January to do a really cool monochromatic makeup look! (I’ll probably do others like this!) Red came about from inspiration behind the specific shade of red I used! Bright, bold red to create a red hot makeup look! And honestly, like isn’t red such a great color?! So many people look great in this shade of red– model included”


Carla on organizing the photo shoot:


“Organizing the shoot was SUPER easy! Model Porcelain Dalya and myself go waaay back! We’ve worked on quite a few projects together! I knew she was perfect for this style of photo shoot! She got all of the angles while working with photographer Elizabeth! Elizabeth was also so cool to work with! All I basically did was tell her my idea and she knew exactly what type of vision I had!”


Carla also stated that the photo shoot occurred in her backyard which has a very industrial-look and added that it was the “perfect compliment” for the makeup look.


“So where did we shoot this story? My backyard! I live in the city and have a very industrial-looking backyard! It’s the perfect compliment to this makeup look! Because I worked with such rockstars, once I created my vision, we shot right away! It was crazy to see my work come to life: it is still a new feeling during each photo shoot! I take great pride in each creation– they are masterpieces after all! I am also thankful that the weather cooperated! You can never tell what New England weather is like in late March!”


The hardworking makeup artist even shared her thoughts on how she felt once she received the photos from the shoot as well. Here’s what she said:


“Once I got the pictures, I was floored! Wow! I couldn’t believe that was MY makeup work! It goes to show that the right talent collaborating truly can make beautiful art! My audience is welcome to interpret the vision however they please. Every person interprets things in their own way. My interpretation is that the red hot makeup shows a fiery passion from within you. How you can be so sweet on the outside and have such a hot passion on the inside.”


I attached some of the pictures by Seas Mtns Co below so you could check them all out!


~*~*Photos by Seas Mtns Co*~*~


Carla Balzano: Website – Instagram

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