Prince Vega Aiming To Turn Violeta lnto Internet Hollywood’s Second Model From Colombia

violetaModel Gloria Conroy’s friend Violeta is being targeted by Internet Hollywood representatives after Prince Vega showed a strong interest in representing the model in 2017. We was first made aware of the news when a representative of ours submitted the gorgeous female photos in for review before being featured.


Prince Vega recently updated his social media page on Facebook to alert Internet Hollywood celebrities that he will be redoing the entire celebrity list to add new hungry models that earned a VIP position in Internet Hollywood.


Facebook status:

“Redoing Internet Hollywood’s entire celebrity list tomorrow. I will be removing a whole bunch of people to add a whole bunch of new people who I feel have EARNED it.”

After doing some digging we discovered Violeta is one of the newer models he’s considering for a spot on Internet Hollywood in 2017. He described the model as “incredibly beautiful” and credited her hard work as an independent mother, saying she has “so much potential” and even compared her to Gloria Conroy.


“Like Gloria Conroy, Violeta is someone I feel could influence the perception of younger females from Columbia who wants to model. I think Columbia deserves a platform that gives beautiful women a place to show off their beautiful faces and talent.”


he continued:

“Violeta is so fun, sweet, kind, strong, hardworking and understanding. She works day in and day out to take care of her beautiful kids alone and that is something that really caught my attention. I think all talented people that puts their kids first are heroes. Her being a woman who challenges herself like a man in the work field is amazing to me. She is amazing. I would love her to join Gloria Conroy in Internet Hollywood.”

Conroy is the first and most published Colombian model in Internet Hollywood. Since her debut she has been published 6 times and has received two banners on Internet Hollywood’s front page. There is a 78% chance she will be nominated for Arlene Diaries.

What Is Arlene Diaries?

Starting next year Internet Hollywood will begin Arlene Diaries from January 18 to February 14. Arlene Diaries is considered Internet Hollywood’s history book. During that time of the year Internet Hollywood rewards all their most published celebrities and store their achievements in Internet Hollywood’s history book forever. Internet Hollywood’s most published celebrities will be nominated January 17-24 and the ending results will be revealed on February 13 & 14. A model must have at-least 8-10 published stories within a year period to be considered for a nomination in any of the categories.


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