Prince Vega Aims To Make Internet Hollywood The Next ‘Disney’ For Young Talented Adults

disney 2Internet Hollywood is rounding up dozens of ideas to recreate the idea of the ‘Disney Channel’ for young-adults. The amount of work put into creating such a powerful machine like Disney will take almost 18 hours of work and Prince Vega plans on doing just that. The new open community is being created to bring dozens of talented individuals all over the world together from inside and outside the entertainment business. Imagine the idea of Internet Hollywood operating exactly like how the Disney Channel does from a viewers point of view; our own commercials, movies, sitcoms, reality shows, concerts, award shows, celebrities, and more! The incredible idea that will be put together in the digital world is the first of it’s kind and Prince Vega will stop at nothing to achieve it. Numerous Internet Hollywood celebrities have been selected to start off the new launch that is expected to fully kick in Monday morning! The first award show is expected to take place sometime next year and hundreds of Internet Hollywood celebrities are expected to show up to the events. Prince Vega is currently working on a script for an independent film, NOT the ‘Illuminati’ film that’s been put on hold until further notice. The movie scripts he’s currently working on will not be related to the “Illuminati” in anyway. The music artist made it clear that he wants to focus on accomplishing all his childhood dreams by also creating all types of movies, books and cartoons. Prince Vega is also working on the Internet Hollywood clothing line.

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