Prince Vega Almost Got Into An Altercation With Rapper G.O.L.D In A Connecticut Night Club

prince vega and gold

Many people are unaware that Rappers Prince Vega and G.O.L.D almost got into an altercation inside of a Hartford, Connecticut night club in the year 2011 during an open mic event in Hartford’s downtown area. The Internet Hollywood founder opened up about the details when explaining his past experiences as a an artist coming up in Hartford, CT years before founding Internet Hollywood. Although he vows to never beef with a Connecticut artist because he only wanted to empower them, he did mention there was once a time where he and another rapper from his hometown name G.O.L.D  had a short conversation that quickly escalated into bad vibes where the two had to walk off.

“I don’t really remember what actually was said,” he said. “All I remember there was a lot of Connecticut artists that were there, but only a few heard what happened. It was a conversation between me and two rappers by the name Big Mach and G.O.L.D. I was still pretty new to the underground music scene in Connecticut ~ but I did this social media news reporting called ‘Mayhem Musik’ that got my name in every city pretty quick. Truth be told, I haven’t been in Connecticut’s public scene like G.O.L.D. Even at that point I didn’t understand that I had to earn their respect since I was like this new dude that just popped out of nowhere with this cool idea that happened to catch everyones attention. I honestly felt there were other rappers like G.O.L.D that has been putting in work years before me that deserved that energy I had at that time. That’s why I respect Unified Blocks and have done collaborations with them in the past. They never hated on me. They were some of the first people to support me. I just had to kinda earn all artists from Connecticut respect that was doing it longer then me.”

He continued:

G.O.L.D and Big Mach was having some conversation and I was called into it. Keep in mind that I barely knew these dudes at that time. I’m not sure what was being said, but it had something to do with somebody possibly coming after me for taking a article I wrote about beef the wrong way. I was kinda confused. I just remember G.O.L.D saying something about somebody blowing my top off.” “Haha.” “I said something pretty mean back to him and it was like this sudden pause,” he explained “G.O.L.D looked at me with this it’s on motherf**ker type face then walked off. Right after Big Mach pulled me to the side and told me to chill and schooled me on not to just saying anything I wanted to people because they may respond aggressively. Nothing happened that night. G.O.L.D was obviously the more mature one and found a way to calm his self down. He reached out to me not to long after through social media and we had a short conversation that had nothing to do with what happened and the vibe was amazing. I respect that guy and his camp to this very day. We’ve been cool ever since. It is cool that he didn’t escalate that situation. I had no back up that night. I would’ve definitely took a L that night. It was a lot of Unified Blocks people in there. LMAO. So shout out to G.O.L.D and his camp. Keep doing your thing!”

G.O.L.D is currently one of the leading headlining artists from Connecticut being published in Internet Hollywood. He has made front page news in Internet Hollywood over 10 times! The rapper dominated mainstream radio circuits with his single ‘Keep It 100‘ last year for months. It is always good to hear artists put away their minor differences to support one another. There is not enough stories like this! You can check the video out below!


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