Prince Vega Believes “The Bible” May Have Been Tampered With Stolen Stories From Egypt

Britain BibleThe greater majority of new followers isn’t aware of Prince Vega’s controversial thoughts on matters that may be hard to accept for most people. Prince Vega has been respected for being one out of a very few that isn’t afraid to speak on things that may have a strong impact on his career. One of the most powerful subjects Prince Vega spoke on was religion. The music artist has recently came out to question portions of stories written in the bible and claimed that the stories are way to similar to the stories from Kemet.

“The modern tales mentally combine concepts from documented ancient scriptures mixed with manipulative ideas that’s re-presented to the public after being accepted by a “council” or “government” for the purpose of indoctrinating,” he explained. “What I noticed is one of the biggest religious stories reminds me of the Ancient Egyptian Sun God Horus story. Horus was born of a virgin on December 25th by the original sexless virgin goddess Isis. His birth was accompanied by a star in the East… which 3 kings followed to locate an adorned new born savior. He also had 12 disciples and performed miracles like walking on water and healing the sick. Horus was betrayed, crucified, buried for three days and ressurected. Doesn’t this story sound familiar? If you read the bible it’s exactly the same. The bible said he was born of a virgin, possibly on the 25th. He was accompanied by the star in the east, had 12 disciples, performed miracles, was betrayed, crucified and resurrected on the third day. Why is this a big deal? The star in the East is Sirius; the brightest star in the night sky. What’s crazy is on December 24th it aligns with the three brightest stars in orion’s belt, and those three stars are called The Three Kings. The “Three Kings” and the brightest star “Sirius” all point to the place of the sunrise on December 25th. This is why the “Three Kings” follow the star in the east. It’s all to locate the birth of “God’s Sun” at Winter Solstice. The mind blowing part is after Horus lost one of his eyes after avenging his father by defeating Set for the throne of Egypt he became the “One-Eyed Sun God” and later became Ra-Horakhty after merging with Ra. He was reffered to as the “Son Of God” you know? The truth behind it is all metaphysical. I’m not saying the bible is fake, I’m just telling you the real origin of some of the stuff they’re teaching you.”

Prince Vega is also very cautious about the way he says things knowing a great deal of his following may have problems with it. He also said its best that people take notes of what he’s saying and do research on it before judging. Prince Vega is currently putting together a script to work on an independent film with his friends from Euphio Films.

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