Prince Vega: “Black & White People Need To Stop Fighting And Help Each Other”

black and whitePrince Vega –  Prince Vega is disappointed that black and white people are still letting the media hype tensions between them after everything that has happened in the past. The music artist quietly analyzed the whole situation and felt saddened that people are still physically reacting to what’s been influencing them subconsciously since birth.


“Why does the human race always have to be violent,” he asked. “Why can’t we come together to work out our differences starting with things we have common? Any adult that has any hatred towards another adult because of their race was never an adult to begin with. What’s the point in being racist when the world is mixing? In the future none of your racist views are going to matter because in our future generation everyone will be mixed.”

Prince Vega continued:

“Anybody that denies that blacks are being racially profiled in the system are brainwashed,” he said. “People that actually does research knows this system wasn’t setup with the idea of all races being one like we were taught. So it’s pretty easy to figure out whites have way more privileges than blacks. That’s common sense. I do also feel that blacks allow themselves to be held down because they are afraid of what their brainwashed friends and families think. If a person only feels you are useful for what they imagine you as, why would they support you when you do something different? A different life in the hood doesn’t make sense to someone who isn’t living it. It only makes sense to someone who visions it.”

Previously Prince Vega made front page news in Internet Hollywood after letting people know he wasn’t taking any part of the upcoming elections because he felt like votes didn’t matter because presidents are selected in private before elected.

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