Prince Vega Confident Brittany Elizabeth Will Be A Great Radio Co-Host: “We Are So Happy To Have Her!”

Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega is confident that he has chose the right girl to co-host Internet Hollywood radio this year. He feels upcoming Massachusetts model Brittany Elizabeth will be a voice that will influence thousands of people who will be tuning in to get Internet Hollywood’s latest news.


What also captures his attention about Elizabeth is her fearless attitude when it comes to speaking her views regardless of how controversial the topic may be. She is straight forward with her views and doesn’t mind sharing them to people who ask. She has strong principals and safely defends them while respecting the belief of others. I can honestly see why the committee voted in favor of having her.


Many have the moment to hear some of those views in upcoming months to come as Internet Hollywood radio finalizes important updates to make the stream bigger and better.


Elizabeth is also a model who is getting her feet wet in the modeling industry. She is currently in the process of setting up shoots with known photographers in Internet Hollywood. Her level of support in Internet Hollywood will be at its greatest to ensure she gets everything out of the oppurtunities given to her.


One of our top priorities is ensuring Elizabeth’s safe transition to our updated system,” Prince Vega said. “It’s important the timing remains well thought out so the process in adding her to the panel continues to run smoothly. We want this to remain as comforting and fun as possible for Elizabeth. She is such a great asset to our cause and we are so happy to have her.”


Elizabeth has been published in Internet Hollywood’s  page seven times since her debut in March 2015. When Elizabeth begins co-hosting she will be the first female to ever host a radio show in Internet Hollywood’s history!

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