Prince Vega Contemplating On Whether He Should Return To Music After 4-Year-Absence

prince vega 1To be precise, it has been four years since Prince Vega actively engaged in music as an artist from a career stand point, but now he’s finally weighing the option on whether he should make a return to music full-time. The Internet Hollywood founder started his career as an artist before branching off to start other ventures to help other thriving individuals with unique gifts and no platform to share it on. The decision to return will not change the intense promotion that occurs with Internet Hollywood over social media networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Prince Vega’s path has lead him to distance away from music to politics, studying, research, and of course… the creation of Internet Hollywood. During that time – four years to be exact – Prince Vega has released singles on a timely basis – months apart – and has put together two secret compilation projects he released to a selective group of followers throughout the four year period. Still the artist has not released anything exclusive at all. Now the time is finally starting to change.


“I’m still contemplating on whether it’ll be appropriate,” he said. “Music at this point symbolizes something very dark in my life emotionally, so I’m not sure if I want to do it right now or ever for that matter. Sometimes I feel I want to do it again, but the success of other ventures requires time and energy and that’s all I’ve been giving it. It is what it is you know? If I record anything I’ll just put it out. I’m still thinking about it though.”

Music has always been Prince Vega’s first love and dream from the very beginning. Before getting into journalism he was also strongly interested in writing books, movies and audio books. Do you feel Prince Vega should return to music? If so, what should he name his first album?

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