Prince Vega Crowns Ashley Hale – Model Now Officially An Internet Hollywood Superstar

ashley h 1

Model Ashley Hale has been chosen as one of the few ladies to represent the face of models in Internet Hollywood. The decision comes shortly after model Shayna Evelyn won 9 out of 13 committee votes to secure her position as one of the latest Internet Hollywood superstars. Ashley continues to solidify her credibility with an increasing amount of content to add to her portfolio, including an extra appearance in Starz hit series ‘Power’ as a stripper. She continued to drive her unstoppable force in the core of our universe after her momentum easily landed her in Internet Hollywood for the first time earlier this year. Internet Hollywood’s second floor private committee also predicted that the model’s path will quickly gain her a huge number of awards in the near future, and possibly a front page appearance in future Internet Hollywood magazines. Very little has been done to expand her base in Internet Hollwood, but that doesn’t stop what she soon will gain as her momentum continues to grow. After being submitted for review, the model quickly pulled eight out of thirteen committee votes, earning her status as an Internet Hollywood celebrity for the first time.

ashley newwwwwwwwwwwwwwwAshley’s performance will carve a path that many fail to grasp at an early age,” Prince Vega said. “She’s very thoughtful about the decisions she make and that will benefit her in the long run. I immediately recruited her after receiving her submission. Anyone can pretty much sense there is something unique about her. I didn’t want to miss the chance in finding out what that was.”

It’s highly likely that the model will be chosen to act in independent films launched by Internet Hollywood in the future. Prince Vega is currently putting together two scripts for his first independent films that he plans on directing and producing with a few filmmakers. Ashley Hale is one of the newest models to join Internet Hollywood! The stunning above was took by an amazing photographer by the name of Harry, Founder of Connor Portraits.

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