Prince Vega: “David Icke Manipulates People By Twisting The Truth With Bull****”

Prince Vega is again coming out of the shadows to shed some light on some of the activists he claims he doesn’t pay much mind to. Internet Hollywood caught up to Prince Vega to get his thoughts on what he thought about some of the biggest activists known in the freedom world like Alex Jones, David Icke and Jesse Ventura.

“I’m not interested in anything any of them say,” he admitted. “I honestly feel David Icke manipulates people into believing he’s telling the truth when he’s actually twisting the truth with a bunch of made up bulls***. Its like he starts off with the truth than spins it with some shape-shifting s*** and people that’s unaware of the truth would just believe it. You actually believe these politicians are “reptilian” species from a planet in the center of the universe? Are you kidding me? He’s basically complimenting them by saying that. He’s basically saying they’ve activated their pineal gland which is the all seeing third eye. You want me to believe these politicians has reached the highest level of consciousness? Do you seriously believe these dudes have awakened themselves from within? All these politicians are-are idiots that’s been blackmailed into taking orders from people who hides themselves behind the scenes like punks and gets away with doing things because the world lets them. All that reptilian stuff is a distraction that adopts and twists the kemetic metaphysical meanings of the harmonic balance of life. You know the whole day and night, off and on, life and death, ying and yang kind of stuff. I’m not really interested in Alex Jones or Jesse Ventura enough to talk about them. I think the world will figure them out soon enough.”

Prince Vega is no stranger when it comes to speaking his mind. He’s known for his controversial opinions that some may find a little to aggressive. Over the years Prince Vega has spoke out against Obama, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NBPP and more!

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