Prince Vega Explains Why He Avoided Beefs With Rappers In Connecticut: “I Wanted To Empower Them”

prince vega 1Prince Vega –  A lot of people are unaware Hip Hop artist & Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega is from Hartford, Connecticut. The artist has worked endlessly to establish himself internationally and everyone has witnessed him successfully do that for years. From the beginning Prince Vega has been about making music and empowering talented individuals all over the world. Although it started off with a lot of controversy, he admits he avoided beefs with Connecticut artist because he felt they deserved better.

“I never started beefs,” he said. “I always defended people that I felt were being bullied back home. Some people thought I was just starting ****.The problem is when people can’t make sense of things they start believing rumors to piece together an image that makes sense to them because nobody likes to feel left out. So you are going to hear some people back home say “Prince Vega start’s sh*t” because they wasn’t paying attention until everyone started talking about it. They didn’t care to find out what started it because they just wanted to know what was going to happen next. Most people tend to focus on the bad so much they don’t give anything that’s good a chance.”

Connecticut beefs:

“Beefing with Connecticut artists was never an option for me,” he admitted. “I made that a rule the moment I started rapping. “I will never put my time and energy in making someone look bad back in my neighborhood, or any neighborhood for that matter. With all the bad things happening in the black communities, I feel they deserve better. We don’t really have those people we can reach our hands out to when we are in f****d up situations financially. People in the suburbs can walk back into their quiet homes and forget there is a world outside. People in places like Hartford, New Haven, Waterbury, Bridgeport, and other towns filled with violence can’t do that. It’s like this never ending cycle of drama that takes over our focus on things that really matters like owning a business that you can pass down to your kids or relatives when you get older. People just need to realize that changing your lifestyle starts with mentally changing yourself.”

Prince Vega just launched a ‘Everything Connecticut’ section that’ll cover news strictly on Connecticut’s upcoming talent.


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