Prince Vega: “Having Kids Just To Get Money From The Government Is A Immature-Selfish Decision.”

looking at pregnancy test

looking at pregnancy test

Hip Hop artist Prince Vega is trying share a positive message to young women in lower class neighborhoods that’s choosing to have children to get money from the government, calling their decision immature, selfish, and not something he feels a mother should do. He also went on to explain how he feels people should get themselves situated financially and mentally before considering children.

“I believe a lot of beautiful young women feels that having a baby makes them grown,” he said. “I’m sorry to break it to you, but it doesn’t. All the characteristics of an adult doesn’t involve childish decisions like choosing to get pregnant just to get money from the government because you can’t afford to take care of a beautiful baby. I feel decisions like that are immature, selfish, and not something a real woman would do. I do also feel it’s wrong for a man to manipulate a woman’s mind into making wrong decisions like that as-well. I’ve noticed a lot of men tricked woman into believing they’ll be a great father when they are not financially or mentally stable themselves. It’s not fair to put a baby into that kind of situation. Get yourself situated financially and mentally before considering that option.”

The Internet Hollywood founder made sure he addressed the situation separate from girls that are already pregnant, saying that he’s only speaking on females that are not expecting a child at all. When asked about pregnant females this is what he had to say:

“Some females find that motivational spark out of being pregnant and change their lives completely,” he said. “You are control of the situation you are deciding to put your child in. I don’t support abortions at all, so that’s no option in my beliefs. You have to make the change for you and the baby. You are strong! You can do this! Don’t let anyone tell you different. Be the mom that every child dream of having!”

Prince Vega’s also has a second news website that covers breaking news from all over the world including in the entertainment business. Those interested in following Prince Vega click the links and watch the video below!

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