Prince Vega: I Feel The Mainstream Media Bullies Celebrities Into Acting A Certain Way


Internet Hollywood Founder Prince Vega never holds his tongue when it comes to speaking his mind about something happening around the world. The music artist felt the need to share his thoughts about the way the mainstream media treats celebrities when they drift away from favorable opinions in corporate America.

“I feel celebrities are bullied into acting and speaking in a certain way,” he said. “I’m 100% positive that’s why celebrities keep their mouth shut and I don’t blame them. If you say the wrong thing the media is going to research any little thing they can find about you that’ll destroy your image. While that happens all corporations close their doors on you so you can’t expand your brand in anyway to generate revenue. I honestly feel all artists should stick to being independent.”

Prince Vega also didn’t mind filling us in with how he feels about artists not being able to speak their minds when controversial topics like gun control come up.

“If you want to be under contract with a corporation you’ll have to follow the rules,” he said. “Don’t create waves because you’ll end up drowning in the process. This is why I encourage all artists to stay independent. It’s a lot of work but it’s nothing better than that, trust me. I’m independent!!! In about 10 years down the line major record labels will have to switch up their entire structure or fall under our feet. The digital age is the age for the people! It’s exciting to even think about. All independent artists should be happy about that.”

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