Prince Vega: I Think Government Agents May Be Framing Suge Knight In A ‘Tactical’ Way

Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega doesn’t hold his tongue for anything when it comes to speaking on how he feels about things happening around the world. The music artist is currently opening up about what he thinks about a recent incident that involves Suge Knight being charged for murder after an alleged hit-and-run that occurred. Prince Vega admitted he doesn’t really pay attention to anything involving mainstream musicians, but he feels Suge Knight may be being brought down in a tactical way:

“I honestly don’t know what to think about that,” He said. “I’m not much of a fan of the mainstream media world. Maybe the guy is being set up in a tactical way by some bureau in Washington. I always felt the government had it in for him for some reason. Maybe Suge Knight knows something and they’re afraid he might say something publicly about it. I’m not sure man. It’s just weird that he keeps getting in trouble over and over again like Katt Williams, DMX, Lindsey Lohan, and all those other people. I wouldn’t know honestly. Maybe Suge Knight is doing all this crazy sh–t, I don’t know man.  I’m just one of those people that questions everything that the media and government does. It seems like the media and the government got some tag-team s— going on. I don’t want to push the wrong buttons, but that’s how I feel about that.”

Prince Vega recently chose to focus on accomplishing his dreams, and not put too much time on politics like he did for the past three years. The music artist said he wants to focus on music, movies, books, and inventing brand new ideas that will help talented people all over the world accomplish their dreams. Prince Vega is currently working on a digital album now.


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