Prince Vega: The Illuminati Is Fake Free Masons That Stolen Egyptian Symbols To Deceive You (PHOTOS)

Prince Vega is finally returning back to the fight against corruption himself! The Hip Hop artist has finally stepped back into the shadows to shine the light on what’s been hidden under our eyes for hundreds of years. He recently admitted he was a bit concerned about the level of awareness in freedom movements after discovering things far deeper than government corruption.

“I think the majority of what most freedom movements know is what the government wants them to know,” He admitted. “How could you possibly be a secret society if everyone knows your secret? I honestly believe the secret is far beyond what people think they know, because these organizations are still running to this very day. The first one that comes to my mind is these fake “light bearers” called the Illuminati. How do you take over Egypt, steal their symbols, and brainwash people into believing it represents some one-eyed red creature name “Satan” that wears underwear with horns on his head? I honestly felt the saddest thing is people started believing it.”

Prince Vega also went to breakdown the reason why he felt the Illuminati reversed the metaphysical meaning to deceptively mislead people into believing such a crazy theory.

“It’s all about fearing death. When people find out the metaphysical meaning behind the “all-seeing eye” they will no longer fear death. The reason is because the relationship between life and death makes up the balance between the physical and spiritual realm. You have night and day, hot and cold, bad and good, etc, etc. The whole ying and yang thing is basically common sense. The metaphysical symbols from Egypt just breaks down the connection within ourselves that spiritually connects us outside of the physical body. The all-seeing eye is the pineal gland. When you study the illustrated guide to every part of the human body and how it works, you will see the all-seeing eye is shaped exactly like the pineal gland when it’s upside down.”



pineal gland



“They’re teaching you to believe the one-eyed god is Lucifer now right? When you research the name Lucifer you’ll find out the meaning of Lucifer is “Light Bringer”. Why is his name “light bringer” when Lucifer is the prince of darkness? What color in the summer attracts the heat of the sun to your skin? The answer to that is black, which is darkness. What do the Ancient Egyptians call RA? The ancient Egyptians call him the “Sun” God. You get my point? Even scientist acknowledged the fact the blacks were the first humans on the planet earth. What they’re not telling you is, it’s because of melanin in their skin. What happens; Melanin draws the light of the sun to the darkness to light up the pineal gland, which is the all-seeing eye (pineal gland, lucifer).  You get it now? The pineal gland is the eye that sees all from inside when you reach the highest level of consciousness. The whole Illuminati thing is a distraction from the actual truth behind the symbols they’re showing you. When you realize the highest level of consciousness is the gateway between life and death you will no longer fear death. You will fight for what you believe in and die for it. That’s the real awakening they don’t want you to know. I’m telling you all to not buy into all that fake free mason shit they pitching you. The pyramid in the back of the dollar bill is actually the Mastaba of Mereuka, and it’s located in Saqarra, Egypt! When you go there you will see where the original free masons come from, and they’re NOT European. The crazy thing is-is till this day the light of the sun still shines inside of that pyramid!”



mastaba 2


Left foot forward, right foot back? What does this remind you of?


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