Prince Vega: The Media Is Covering Benghazi Now To Avoid It When Hillary Runs For President

The media hype building across the mainstream media headlines has created quite a stir in the alternative media world and Prince Vega finds it questionable. The rapper is no stranger to speaking on controversial subjects that may draw strong criticism in the entertainment business. The recent targets that was nailed with Prince Vega’s remarks was Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Oprah Winfrey. Prince Vega expressed a strong disgust in them claiming they were leaders when clearly they were nothing but controlled puppets. After a long silence in the liberty world Prince Vega is finally weighing his thoughts to Cerulean.TV about the media hype of Benghazi and he’s not really pleased.

“I don’t really buy into anything the media says,” He said. “There is always a hidden agenda behind televised stories that are headlining even if the story is true. I’ve heard Hillary Clinton is about to run for president in 2016. I’m willing to bet this has something to do with that. I believe they’re trying to get Benghazi out the way now so it doesn’t interrupt her run for president in 2016. You put a super Pac commercial behind that Benghazi stuff nobody is going to want Hillary in office. It wouldn’t really matter anyway, none of your votes matter. This country is running on a spare wheel that’s about to pop soon. I also believe this is to distract us from Obama sending troops to Nigeria. Anybody with a brain would know Obama ordered drone strikes on families and children across seas. You seriously believes he cares about 300 missing girls in Nigeria? I know a lot of people not going to like what I’m saying, but it is what it is. I keep it real you know? Why wouldn’t I? This stuff is bugged out.”

Prince Vega is currently working on returning back to music after working an extremely busy schedule. He recently released a song called “Conquerors” that is currently headlining in Internet Hollywood. Prince Vega is one out of a few known artists that has used their fame to raise awareness in some way. Prince Vega is not only known for music, promoting and activism. He’s also known for creating Internet Hollywood!

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