Prince Vega Offers Model Cindy Position In Internet Hollywood’s Promo/Party Team – Will She Accept?

cindy 3Prince Vega – Gorgeous Connecticut Model Cindy Moran may soon board a new ship that is due to sail for a greater purpose in Internet Hollywood. The Internet Hollywood celebrity was offered a position in our new promo & party team that is expected to have around 25 members by the end of this week. The creation of the new group will help raise awareness to Internet Hollywood’s physical presence outside of the Internet. Previous report states members assigned to the group will have meet ups, private parties, dinners, and more. There is no telling what inspired Prince Vega to offer Moran a position inside of the movement but he promises all members were well thought out before being selected. The adorable featured image of Cindy was took by a talented photographer in California by the name of Birhon Martin.

Moran is a college sweetheart from Connecticut that is strongly committed to her dreams of being a model and a actress. She first made her official debut as a Internet Hollywood superstar back in October after she won 9 out of 13 committee member votes. The model also spoke on how her college no longer throws parties because of a violent incident that left someone shot.

“I used to go those parties,” she said. “there were cast parties after our shows and other parties at a complex unit for college students but someone got shot there and there was a fight so people can’t have parties anymore.”

A little glimpse of Moran’s personality will give you an idea of what makes her appealing to Internet Hollywood. She’s very smart, down to earth, and conscious to the way she speak to others and that will bring her far in the long run. She is the third celebrity in Internet Hollywood that has been sent an invitation to join Prince Vega’s promo/party team. You can find out more about Cindy Moran by tuning into Internet Hollywood radio on November 18th!




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