Prince Vega on Tyga & Kylie: “All Kardashians Go From One Celebrity To Another To Stay Relevant”

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After ignoring the question for weeks Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega is finally giving his thoughts on the Tyga & Kylie romance rumors. We literally had to dig under the musician skin to get something out of him since he isn’t much of of a fan when it comes to the mainstream entertainment news The artist didn’t mind sharing that he felt it was not surprising at all to see anyone related to the Kardashians being caught up in something like that:

“I honestly don’t care,” he admitted. “Nothing about Tyga or the Kardashians interest me at all. I’m sure Tyga’s not the first guy she’s been with that’s older. Look at what kind of family she comes from. They are around celebrities all the time. We going to sit here and pretend like dozens of her favorite celebrities didn’t try hitting on that? I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying lets be realistic. I honestly see her like every other girl that loves the hype behind being famous, especially when she’s a relative to the Kardashians. I may be under a rock but I don’t know anything that they do. I heard they’re designers or something. I never really cared to dig and find out.”

After pressuring Prince Vega to elaborate on his reason to not find the celebrities interesting, he expressed that he felt  The Kardashians seek the thrill of shock value to stay relevant.

“All of it to me is shock value,” he said. “You have to ask who has to gain from this? What is there to lose? Your not losing anything if everyones talking about it. The Kardashians seem to be very successful at keeping mainstream stories interesting. Kylie is just another Kim Kardashian that’s going to go from one celebrity to another. When you raise kids around that kind of environment the level of influence empowers the wrong decisions they make because they think that it’s right. You end up becoming the person that wants more to be seen as more. That’s pretty much my take on that.”

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