Prince Vega Opens Up About Nicole From BET✮ Networks Helping Him With Internet Hollywood

NICOLEPrince Vega is extremely thankful to have very educated friends in the business that doesn’t mind showing him the ropes when it comes to running a successful business. After digging our reporters discovered that Nicole Jenkins, Story Sails Group, is to blame for Internet Hollywood radio’s improvement. The adorable media consultant extended her hand to help expand Internet Hollywood’s brand on a more professional level. She showed Prince Vega a more easier way to organize the shows to make controlling them less stressful. Many people don’t understand just how remarkable this educated hard worker is. Nicole’s dedication to taking on hard work has made her one of the most respected figures in the business. She’s the only Internet Hollywood celebrity with a section on our website built strictly for her, Story Sails Group. Prince Vega opened up about his relationship with the beautiful Story Sails Group founder to Internet Hollywood reporters, saying that she’s ‘optimistic’ and filled with ideas.

“Nicole has a very strong heart and a powerful mind,” he said. “We had plenty of conversations about the direction I was going with Internet Hollywood. She’s so educated and well informed about the business that it kinda blew my mind. She played a huge role in shaping the point I’m trying to make with an outlet as strong as our radio platform.”

Prince Vega also admitted to our reporters that Nicole is one of his influences when it comes to writing movies. He shared that the celebrity played a major part in boosting his motivation to pursue a career in writing films. Nicole is a powerful figure that’s heavily respected in the Internet Hollywood universe. Her contribution to our digital realm has helped us benefit in a gigantic way. We are truly grateful to have someone as amazing as Nicole look out for us. We are forever in her debt!!

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