Prince Vega Recruited Massachusetts Model Nilka DeTorress To Help With Internet Hollywood’s First Party

Holly Scoop – Massachusetts Model Nilka DeTorres has been playing an important role in shaping the future of Internet Hollywood and very few people know about it. Many are unaware that the model has been the mind behind the decorations inside of Internet Hollywood’s launch party that will start on April 22nd in Worcester, Massachusetts. She alongside Isabel Vinson and others has been helping Prince Vega organize the semiprivate event for a little over a month now. Prince Vega claims the model has been very helpful and supportive throughout the whole planning process and that her participation made things a lot easier for him.


“I couldn’t thank Nilka DeTorress and Isabel Vinson enough for helping me out,” he said. “They have been there every step of the way and I love them both for it. Nilka has a very creative mind that breaks down the world into pieces of art that she puts together in reality. That’s something I witnessed talking to her during the planning process. She’s a very supportive person and I’m happy to have her and Isabel’s knowledge on my side. It makes things a lot more easier for me.”

DeTorress was featured in a full page spread in Internet Hollywood’s newest magazine on valentines day. Her celebration photo for Internet Hollywood’s third-year anniversary was also featured in the magazine. You could read the entire magazine by clicking the highlighted link after this sentence. (Click Here)


Seven15 Photography is the amazing eyes behind the camera that took this beautiful picture of DeTorress. The model was once a dancer who had a dream of being an actor as well. She has done commercials, music videos , photo shoots, movies, prints, fiction character, and much more.

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