Prince Vega Recruits WVEW 107.7 FM’s Radio Host Isabel Marie Vinson To Revolutionize Modeling Industry

Prince Vega is again keeping his focus on expanding his message in areas unfamiliar to his followers. The Hip Hop musician has now recruited Isabel Marie Vinson to help revolutionize the world of modeling! The goal is not only to recreate the modeling industry independently with proper guidance and direction for the models, but to eliminate the judgmental environment that causes woman to feel less motivated to becoming models due to lack of confidence.


Prince Vega states:

“Woman shouldn’t have to feel like they’re not pretty, skinny or tall enough to become models,” he stated. “This is our chance to develop and establish successful careers independently without long-term “con” tracts that snakes them into high-commission percentages or pressuring models into submitting to false agencies that demands they sign over unnecessary rights. I chose to recruit Isabel because she’s incredibly wise, talented and educated enough on the modeling end to expand models (such as herself) to a farther audience. I’m just getting a grip to the whole modeling stuff but I don’t find it complicated at all. We are just going to do it the way we want to, that’s the beauty of being independent.”


Isabel Marie Vinson was crowned Promoter of the year, last year by Cidar Magazine for her amazing efforts in promoting that put her amongst many top promoters in the Vermont and New Hampshire region.The Magazine alone distributes 15,000 copies of its monthly magazine to over 1,200 locations throughout Vermont and New Hampshire. The hard-working model is also a radio show host on WVEW 107.7 FM In Vermont!!!






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