Prince Vega to release one of his new songs he will be performing at the Internet Hollywood Magazine & Dance Party in August on Friday

Prince Vega – Hip Hop artist and Internet Hollywood founder Prince Vega a.k.a Internet Hollywood Vega will be releasing one of his first singles from his new mixtape ‘Internet Hollywood Radio Pt. 1’ on Thursday. There has been talks about him putting together a new project, but since it’s been so long since he released new music nobody could be actually sure.


That thought is now a reality and Prince Vega is planning on releasing his first track from his new mix-tape on his Youtube channel “PrinceVegaTV” this week. The last time we heard that the music artist was in the studio was in mid-April before he took off to the Internet Hollywood party in Worcester, Massachusetts. Even though it was announced that he was performing he did not that night.


That time has finally come where Prince Vega will actually take the stage to perform some of his new songs from his mix-tape that will be released on the day of the party. The mix-tape should include around 14-15 songs that are mostly new with about 3 of his older songs that will appear new to his newest supporters.


Prince Vega has been keeping himself busy with Internet Hollywood which has slowed down the process of him developing new music. He has now decided to equally balance everything as a whole. It has been nearly years since Prince Vega has put any type of full focus on music. Those years of silence from music is now over.

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