Prince Vega Releases All Pages From Internet Hollywood Magazine For Free (Read Inside)

Internet Hollywood Magazine – 30 pages from Internet Hollywood’s newest magazine is free for everyone to read thanks to Prince Vega. The Internet Hollywood founder felt the need make all the pages available for the public for his grandmother’s birthday on Valentines day. He informed the Internet Hollywood universe through his social media outlets that he will be releasing the magazine for everybody to read for free.


This magazine is the first of the year and is a special edition that features popular model Tygeria. The Las Vegas model is an Arlene award nominee that was nominated for an award after becoming the first model to win a Internet Hollywood contest. She is currently being added to Internet Hollywood’s history book where her name will remain forever!


Prince Vega’s new issue consist of multiple stories about dozens of talented sensations from all over the world who achieved various goals over the past three years. Each person added into the magazine are either established models in Internet Hollywood or newer models with strong potential. In this issue, newer model Emfamous from the state of Massachusetts landed on the back cover of our issue with only one publication on our website. That alone shows the opportunities for newer published models are endless in Internet Hollywood!


This magazine issue includes the following names: Tygeria (cover girl), Isabel Vinson, Carrie Madeline, Lonnie Alex, Dani Elise, Kelsey Smith, Nikki Smith, Hayley Cartwright, Anafia Rose, Mary Regina, Jessica Gomez, Goldie Redd, Gloria Conroy, Nysha, Dasia, Prince Vega, Alexa M. Pierce, Claudia Rivarelli, Taryn, Karla Kitty, Holly, Caitlin, Erika Lynn, Samantha Marie, Raven Macabre, Bethany McMahon, NilkaDeTorress, Patricia Hamlett, JG Hitman, Kae Jizzle and Emfamous.


Read The Entire Magazine Now: (Click Here)

(Some Screenshot Photos)

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