Prince Vega Sits Down With B.E.T Networks – Post Production Facility Manager To Discuss Politics

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B.E.T Networks – Post Production Facility Manager DJ Bangs Discuss Politics, And The Music Industry With Prince Vega!

-True Blood Turning Question

Bangs: Obama, that way they couldn’t kill him. LOL.. That’s who I’d bite. You Ever Heard Of Presidential Candidate Ron Paul?

Bangs: Of course, I’m sorta up on the fools running for president. What Do You Think About His Libertarian Views? Do You Think It’s Bad?

Bangs: You picked the wrong cat to ask. He’ll say anything to get elected, and you know this. You Don’t Think Obama Did That?

Bangs: Yes. That’s why I’d bite him so that he can only come out at night. LMAO.

Bang: I know my history..well..about this country. So….All of them are full of sh*t. I Take It You Aren’t Voting In November?

Bangs: We like the only superpower that doesn’t control the printing of its own currency. No I vote, because it matters…until you get financially free. True… Who Are You Voting For?

Bangs: Obama. The puppet on the ticket. He seems to have some sort of a heart ya dig? And fundamentally I think he still cares about people. He did his best to bring home some of these troops. What About The National Defense Authorization Act He Signed On New Years Eve That Gives The Military The Power To Detain American Citizens Without Trial Or Charge If They “SUSPECTED” Of Terrorism?

Bangs: Again, he seems to be the lessor of 2 evils… So, to those who are aware this is nothing new. The military was doing it anyway. My next big step is to live elsewhere in the world other than the US. It’s a global thing yeah, so again, get financially free and kick it in my own self contained compound in the middle of nowhere. I Hear That Brother…..Did You Know He Signed A Bill That Gives Him The Power To Take Away All Americans Natural Resources Including Food & Water Called The National Defense Resources Preparedness?

Bangs: I actually read articles on that… 1st of all “Defense” from what?! Who’s f**king wit us? We f**king with everybody else. On the food sh*t… have your little hide-a-way and grow your own food. I still eat meat, but I could do without, so that doesn’t “SCARE” me either. Absolutely! In The Bill It Actually Gives Him The Authority To Cease Farm Land As-well In Moments Of Peace And War. Ron Paul Supporters Believe The American Government Is Trying To Take Over The World Do You Agree?

Bangs: Do you know who controls our government? The financiers of the world have literally owned the USA since, 1933. I Believe The Collapse Engineered Accomplished It’s Goal Around 1933 After The Federal Reserve Act Was Signed Into Law In December 23, 1913. Why Don’t They Talk About This In The Industry?

DJ Bangs: Industry implies business, profit, and money. These fools find value in money not in the art of speaking what it is true on the mic or otherwise….In other words, They are caught the f**k Up. You Think We Both Can Get In Trouble Speaking On This Since We Both Are Involved In The Business?

Dj Bangs: If someone dangles $1 million in your face to not talk about something that you most likely don’t know about in the first place, and to promote just the opposite, you’d probably keep you mouth shut too. Just stay “independent” of the industry. If people want your music per se, then they would be willing to give up something of value to cop it. I want folks to pay me in the currency that is the strongest in the world, and right now that is not the US dollar. Interesting…..Proceed.

DJ Bangs: Dont get caught up in the cash, which is very hard to do in this day and age, because we’ve been persuaded by fear, greed and jealousy which is perpetuated by the institutions in America. Mainly the public education system, TV, and separation (no unity). Thanks Bangs.

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