Prince Vega: Snacks, Mach, Prime, Shay Milan & Unified Blocks Was The First To Support Me In CT

The creator of the Internet Hollywood universe is finally opening up about his very controversial past that’s been publicized all over Facebook. The popular musician/journalist has carried himself strongly in the political world and has entered a stage in his life that has seen the bigger picture from where it came from. Prince Vega is currently building his own magazine, radio station, billboard charts, red carpet events, festivals and more to expand Internet Hollywood internationally all over the world. Prince Vega has manage to create a powerful tool that directly connects local artist to people behind the scenes in the entertainment business all over the world. Internet Hollywood quickly got Prince Vega’s thoughts on the headlining media coverage that him and three other journalists has been covering of his hometown relative Snacks Giggaty.


“It’s an educational experience that consciously restores the key element that opens the door to a greater understanding on how things function,” he said. “Through me they get the entire media & journalism background of a fragile industry with a raw design. I’m going to report everything as it is regardless who likes it or not. If they can’t handle that than what’s the point in trying to be a rap star? Thousands of tabloids are in the industry just waiting for fresh meat to destroy. I don’t target people for no reason. Everyone who pays attention to what I do will see that I’ve been defending the majority that doesn’t have the outlets like I do to have it seen by thousands of people like I do within seconds.”

Prince Vega also went on to describe the level of support he received when first started at rapping back at home in Hartford, Connecticut. He repeatedly made it clear he did not have help so he did everything himself. However, he did point out that outside of place the dark shadows he would bump into artist in Connecticut that would always show their support to what he did after the local Mayhem Music era started.

“Everyone supported me after that happened because it gave them a voice to finally be heard by thousands,” he said. “I did it all free and didn’t ask for nothing in return. I’ve always received some level of support from people back home. There is this group called Unified Blocks that pretty much always had supported what I did. Till this day that is the only group I’ve ever did a music collaboration with. I’ve just gotten to busy to do it with anyone else, nothing personal. Hopefully I’ll get time for it in the future. I’ve also got support from Big Mach, Prime EX, Mo Budda, Shay Milan, Lady Law, Snacks Giggaty & Million Dollar Camp. Those were the first people I’ve known that supported me besides my relatives from this group called Pure Pro. After that the level of support expanded before I drifted off into the world of politics.”

Prince Vega just recently put together a gigantic film crew to start off his filming career in the independent movie industry. He will soon start filming his very first movie based on the Illuminati. The news from before confirmed that the artist has already casted three people to play in the movie and it will expand in days to come!


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