Prince Vega Speaks On Phone Conversation With Tila Tequila – Says She Didn’t Seem Crazy

tila 1Internet Hollywood Founder Prince Vega is opening up about a phone conversation he had with former MTV star Tila Tequila in the past. The music artist admits that although she seemed a bit energetic, he didn’t sense anything unusual in her behavior that would suggest she was as crazy as the media portrayed her to be.

“I had a few conversations with her through numerous outlets,” he explained. “She was very energetic, curious and kind of like a comedian. She didn’t seem crazy at all to me. Although I’m not a fan of a lot of s— she does, I always enjoyed the conversations we had. She’s is funny as hell.”

Prince Vega also told our reporters that he no longer communicates with the celebrity, but has made friends with dozens of Hollywood celebrities since his departed friendship with Tila. The Hollywood celeb was made aware of Prince Vega’s existence after dozens of her fans continued to share Vega’s coverage on the controversy she had with an activist by the name of Mark Dice. Prince Vega is also a known public figure in the activist world, but he keeps a clear conscious on everyone and does not choose sides in the freedom world. He is currently working on his first digital album as a solo artist and will be going on tour sometime in March.

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