Prince Vega To Star And Direct In New “Illuminati” Movie Series Starting This Fall

Prince Vega is piecing together a powerful plot for a new movie that involves a famous music artist who’s career is targeted by a secret society after refusing to endorse his handlers views. Upon discovering the sinister plot to irreversibly destroy his career, Nos Barker (rapper) puts in place a plot of his own to fight back against the higher powers that’s out to destroy him in the music industry.

Sounds good? We’ve been told enough to put together our own little breakdown on what we feel the story is going to be about. We are absolutely sure that Prince Vega is aiming with a few filmmakers to put together a film we expect to be very hard hitting. Why not put together a series that’s about secret societies? I only hope Prince Vega will star as the musician inside of the movie. I personally believe that would be a breathtaking experience to witness a popular musician that stands against the illuminati actually star in a movie doing the same. Prince Vega gave away part of the idea of the series in an recent interview with Internet Hollywood:

“I think transcending various portions of the negative to induce positive thinking based on experience would determine the direction of this film,” he said. “I believe a positive message coming out an idea filled with negative theories could create a masterpiece unlike any artwork we’ve ever seen in the modern decades. The difference is the level of understanding when committing yourself to developing something people would want to understand just based on what they’ve heard. Why not do it on something as big as that? I think they at-least deserve that.”

Prince Vega is also in talks of creating his own written & audio book company. We’ll keep you updated on all the latest news following the movie updates!

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